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About Me

Hello. I am Marixi Buhay Salud.

I am a trained Life and Mind-Body Coach. I am here to help you listen to, trust, and release answers from within that will lead you to your personal path – to your blossoming, energetic, purposeful life.

What Was I Doing Before I Got Here?
I dedicated the past 20 years to being a housewife and Mom. This was an essential decision for me as my husband and our two sons moved 5 countries, 5 schools, and 9 homes. Adjustment to new environments with the accompanying internal and external pressures was my daily concern. I gladly chose to put aside pre-school teaching, practicing counselling psychology, and becoming a professional photographer behind me as I focused on family. I learned, experimented, travelled, adjusted, changed and added many other survival skills to my repertoire through the years. I loved it all!

What Started All This?
In 2013, my eldest son was happily off to university 14500 miles away on a different continent. My mixed feelings included joy, loneliness, restlessness, worry, and panic. My mind then scrambled to almost catastrophic thoughts imagining the day when my second son would spread his wings too and leave the nest. I felt an ever-increasing inner turmoil bubbling. This was a catalyst for me to find my personal path once again as my full time role as mother was changing. I have been on this wonderful self discovery journey since my early twenties, but that year, I donned the detective hat and embarked on methodically investigating ME!

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Frontier Land Within
The underlying stream of my life were my moods. I didn’t get a handle on them until I reached mid-life. I thought it would be my lifelong and difficult challenge, a burden. However, over the past three years, through gentle, safe, and loving guidance, I am able to understand, learn from, and accept them.
I learned the necessary tools for self-reflection and inner discovery by training in Dr. Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training school and through Abigail Steidley’s Anamsong Mind-Body Coach University.
Now I want to share this with you, that’s why I am here!

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Hmm…What Else?

  • I love movement: I play tennis, practice pilates, swim and savour walking in nature.
  • I practice photography. It allows me to capture the beauty around me and keep a journal of my life.
  • Juicing adds colour to my days.
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