Is this you?

Are you facing a life transition and searching for what’s next?
Are you stuck within swirling thoughts, jumbled emotions, and feeling overwhelmed?
Is your emotional stress leading to physical pain?

I Can Help

Voicing out your thoughts and being heard will begin the process of unburdening and gently illuminating what is happening within you. Discussion and reflection in a safe, confidential, and constructive space can help you find the underlying cause of your distress or pain, should you be experiencing any, and help you better understand how your thoughts affect your actions, beliefs, decisions, and the health of your body.

Through meditation and visualization, and the use of other coaching tools, you are able to become aware of yourself, and discover and listen to your inner wisdom, giving you concrete steps to use in creating your best life.

Your path will clear, starting from within, and you can continue your journey towards your life’s purpose and living in harmony.

Woman walking on rocks by the ocean.

Still thinking about it? Not sure what coaching is all about and what to expect?
How about trying a ‘Get Your Feet Wet’ session?
I offer a free 30-minute introductory consult!

Ready to say “Let’s do this!”?

Here’s how I can help:

SINGLE Session
Schedule one (55 minutes) session, to unburden and be heard. This may include a 10 minute centering visualization/meditation. This can be a releasing the pressure session.
Cost SGD$110 / USD$80


THREE Session Package
You are ready to try this out, but want to take it in manageable chunks of time. I am here to walk with you through your concerns. Expect some self discovery homework.
Cost SGD$310 / USD$220


SIX Session Package
You know you want to go through the journey of self discovery, find answers, go in-depth into your concerns and at the same time learn new skills you can use in your daily living.
Cost SGD$630 / USD$450


If any of the above offers do not describe the coaching combination you prefer, we can still connect and tailor your sessions to fit your needs.

I coach via Skype so wherever you are, whatever time zone, I am here. In person sessions are possible if you are located in Singapore.

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Marixi Salud, I encourage you to take it. She is one of those rare gems of a coach gifted with a generous heart, deep insight, and rich life experience – all well-balanced with a wonderful sense of humor and fine intellect. I have been blessed to be on the receiving end of her work and my life is the better for it. I am confident that should you choose to work with her that yours will be as well.

Rebecca Traver

Santa Barbara, CA